Meet Critique

The Meet Critique is available for all Xcel levels and levels 6-10. Take advantage of this great opportunity and be prepared for a fantastic competition season!

Now that we hold the Classic in December, we are able to assist with your Xcel and optional level athletes in a very important way.  We will have 2 judges at each event developing a critique of each athlete’s routines.

We will answer these questions and many others:

  • Routine Composition
    • Does your routine meet all the requirements at your level?
    • Is the composition of your routine arranged for bonus?
    • Do you have the correct number of bar changes and flight elements?
    • Is there enough variety in your acro, flight, and level changes?
    • Do you have the right number of A, B, C, D and E elements for your level?
    • Are your acro elements not up to the level?
  • Meet with the 8 judge panel at the conclusion of the evaluation for a discussion and Q&A session.

These questions and many more will be answered for you PRIOR to beginning your competition season!

The Meet Critique is included in the entry fee.  Competition and Critiques will be done during the same session.